Hand movement and dexterity therapy

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With the addition of an anti-microbial agent called Ultra-Fresh, Micro-Fresh Putty ..
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For fine motor skills fun! Ergonomically placed depressions in the handles encourage children to gri..
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This solid rubber ball has excellent gripping qualities. Ideal for hand exercises and general relaxa..
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You've seen our Rainbow Knot Ball now we've got one that flashes! The flashing lights are activat..
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Great for relays, throwing and markers. Popular colours that compliment many of our parachutes. ..
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For games and target practice. Ribbed. With valve for inflation top-up. Supplied inflated. Purchase ..
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Flexible exercise tools to improve hand strength and dexterity. Set includes one soft, one medium an..
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A delight to see, hear, smell, touch, throw, bounce and squeeze. These sparkling, low bounce, hollow..
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Large, easy to grip, ring covered with soft spikes. Can be used for throwing, catching or tactile ac..
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Squashable, touchable, gripable, throwable … tactile and can be used in water. Simple but very valua..
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