Musical Therapy

Musical Therapy
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A vibrant blend of Celtic melodies featuring authentic instrumentation. ..
£10.07 Ex Tax: £8.19
Bright melodies develop from gentle strings, soothing harps, a haunting oboe and a distant Chinese g..
£10.07 Ex Tax: £8.19
Weaves distant birdsong, delicate keyboards and drifting strings. Peaceful. ..
£10.07 Ex Tax: £8.19
Fun design with quality sounds and integral handle. Includes soft-tipped beater. Size: 20L x 2.5cmH..
£22.08 Ex Tax: £17.95
Large enough to store and compactly display the 24 instruments included. Space-saving, money savi..
£874.63 Ex Tax: £711.08
t may look like something from the past but its features are contemporary! Features: 33/45/..
£196.68 Ex Tax: £159.90
All the colour and visual appeal of our  Rainbow Bumpas - and now with vibratory wonder! Press ..
£260.70 Ex Tax: £211.95
The perfect portable percussion! With 19 instruments and 4 beaters. Multi-pocket bag can be su..
£115.21 Ex Tax: £93.67
Multipurpose - therapeutic, learning and interactive play opportunities. The Talking Cube can ..
£421.28 Ex Tax: £342.50