Sound reactive Products

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Beautiful, traditional, authentic Indian percussion instruments. Delightful to see, play and hear. F..
£23.31 Ex Tax: £18.95
Fun and easy to play. Move the Clatterpillar at different speeds for different sounds. Pliable and d..
£13.22 Ex Tax: £10.75
Music to your ears! Good quality, loud, clear, easily-produced sounds. Pre-tuned. Suitable for any a..
£71.28 Ex Tax: £57.95
Never was a xylophone so cute! Colourful keys on an easy to hold base. Pleasing sounds. Winner of a ..
£27.06 Ex Tax: £22.00
It may look like a piano, but this musical mat plays 7 other instruments including: trumpet, saxopho..
£70.11 Ex Tax: £57.00
Make the soothing sound of waves hitting the shore. Hold this double sided, frame drum in your hands..
£59.04 Ex Tax: £48.00
Wonderful for cause and effect exercises and for encouraging listening skills, concentration and rec..
£1,334.55 Ex Tax: £1,085.00
The design of the Tambourine puts the player's hand within the frame's overall centre of gravity. Th..
£15.99 Ex Tax: £13.00
Super Value 12 mat set with tactile surfaces to explore with seperate recordable 10 second sound box..
£307.50 Ex Tax: £250.00
Now with coloured lights! Make a sound and the dome responds with the attractive glow of the ligh..
£237.67 Ex Tax: £193.23