Soft play Toys and shapes

Soft play Toys and shapes
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Carefully chosen products designed to bring SNOEZELEN® magic into your home. Offering you a savin..
£1,346.85 Ex Tax: £1,095.00
Like all caterpillars, this cleverly-designed mini-beast can be transformed into a beautiful butterf..
£202.95 Ex Tax: £165.00
Be king of the castle! Build a tower with turrets, a wavy wall with peep through window ... creation..
£1,260.75 Ex Tax: £1,025.00
The combinations for the Giants Causeway are endless! 5 of the 7 hexagonal cushions vary in heigh..
£1,174.65 Ex Tax: £955.00
These encourage plenty of movement and physical exercise and can be used as punch bags, swings and c..
£215.25 Ex Tax: £175.00
Rocking and rolling from side to side in this upturned mushroom shape in PU coated nylon is great fu..
£1,335.78 Ex Tax: £1,086.00
Sounding as good as it looks, this fab set includes 6 soft pins and a ball. Each piece has a rattle ..
£42.36 Ex Tax: £34.44
He's fun, he's flexible, he's fabulous! Klonko the Clown® is created from PU sections slipped ove..
£822.87 Ex Tax: £669.00
Build brilliantly colourful pieces into a train. Pieces stack loosely without fixtures for quick and..
£1,701.09 Ex Tax: £1,383.00
This set comprises 4 steps made from dense foam. Suitable for use with Soft Walled Ballpool. C..
£317.34 Ex Tax: £258.00
Gorgeous rocker, seat and soft play friend. Carefully sized so his head is huggable and the 20cm ..
£143.91 Ex Tax: £117.00
These brightly coloured geometric shapes are made of foam and covered with tear proof PU coated nylo..
£356.70 Ex Tax: £290.00