Softplay Furniture

Softplay Furniture
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The Chatsworth Range by Rompa® A range of soft furniture available in cheerful, bright colours. All..
£639.60 Ex Tax: £520.00
A popular and comfortable product for everyone! People with sensory processing difficulties find ..
£183.27 Ex Tax: £149.00
A fabulous creation following the popularity of the Squashy Chair.   So comfy you may not..
£270.60 Ex Tax: £220.00
A foam base with air cushion creates an exciting Billowing Cushion. Please state colour choice wh..
£613.77 Ex Tax: £499.00
The Chatsworth Range by Rompa® - with high back and vibration A range of soft furniture available i..
£578.10 Ex Tax: £470.00
Chunkies are versatile wedge cushions filled with polystyrene beans which mould to the body, creatin..
£170.97 Ex Tax: £139.00
Specifically designed for use by clients with severe behavioural problems and unpredictable tendenci..
£233.70 Ex Tax: £190.00
Fun, inviting safe enclosure with a range of accessories to suit different users and different requi..
£977.85 Ex Tax: £795.00
A foam cube with a reinforced tunnel to crawl through. The Cube Tube comes as a singular colour as s..
£650.67 Ex Tax: £529.00
A firm but soft edging system for open sides of ROMPA® Soft Play area. They present an easil..
£104.55 Ex Tax: £85.00
A large round, comfortable island filled with special granules which form to the body shape to give ..
£399.75 Ex Tax: £325.00
A cushioned platform to surround a Musical Positioning Cushion or ROMPA® Positioner (both to be purc..
£768.75 Ex Tax: £625.00