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Tactile & Fidgets
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A wide range of tactile experiences for sensory stimulation. Includes brushes, sponge, loofah, mi..
£25.85 Ex Tax: £21.02
Develops social interaction and breaks down aggression. Thanks to its six handles, two to six people..
£61.18 Ex Tax: £49.74
Colourful take on tennis balls. Not just for tennis, these versatile balls are ideal for throwing, c..
£7.38 Ex Tax: £6.00
You've seen our Rainbow Knot Ball now we've got one that flashes! The flashing lights are activat..
£5.54 Ex Tax: £4.50
Bright and safe, highly visual balls. Excellent for all ages. Perfect weight - not too heavy or too ..
£19.51 Ex Tax: £15.86
Interest is immediately caught by the motorised sensation of this ball. The powerful vibration provi..
£8.01 Ex Tax: £6.51
A delight to see, hear, smell, touch, throw, bounce and squeeze. These sparkling, low bounce, hollow..
£10.63 Ex Tax: £8.64
Large, easy to grip, ring covered with soft spikes. Can be used for throwing, catching or tactile ac..
£6.15 Ex Tax: £5.00
These super soft balls have a tantalising tactile feel, and can be inflated from 15-26cm diameter. T..
£40.10 Ex Tax: £32.60