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Curious creature with huge eyes and an abundance of rubbery ‘hair’. Appealing to the eyes and finger..
£4.92 Ex Tax: £4.00
Simple, colourful, light and easy to handle. Effortless movement can make the square float slowly th..
£6.15 Ex Tax: £5.00
A wonderful collection of 'fiddle objects' for those who enjoy keeping their hands occupied. An exc..
£61.50 Ex Tax: £50.00
Feather-light and floaty. Encourage creative movement and exploration. Suitable for all ages. Colour..
£9.84 Ex Tax: £8.00
Sure to be a ‘hands on’ favourite! Provide tactile and visual stimulation as well as helping colour ..
£83.03 Ex Tax: £67.50
Colourful variation on the ever popular gymnastic ribbon. Encourages gross arm and body movements wh..
£11.06 Ex Tax: £8.99
The ever-popular Koosh ball is now combined in this stunning mobile! These ultra-tactile balls an..
£154.98 Ex Tax: £126.00
Excellent fiddle device. Visually appealing and amusing - watch it go down steps or balance it in bo..
£7.38 Ex Tax: £6.00
Catch one if you can! Squeeze it and watch the colour change. Super fun! Not suitable for clients w..
£3.69 Ex Tax: £3.00