Autism Friendly Products

Autism Friendly Products
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Contagious giggles guaranteed! Squeeze or tap them to get them making fun noises. Contrasting textur..
£14.76 Ex Tax: £12.00
Delightful, high quality photo images in large format A4 cards with rounded edges. No-fail, it’s up..
£66.42 Ex Tax: £54.00
Non-invasive method of providing propioceptive feedback and stability for seated users. Each pad hol..
£66.36 Ex Tax: £53.95
Hours of therapy and snuggle time with this weighted neck wrap. Made from soft fabric. Can be ..
£43.05 Ex Tax: £35.00
Stand on the tactile snake and it will not roll to one side. Position the snake straight, curved or ..
£73.74 Ex Tax: £59.95
. This person deliberately acts to reduce or prevent exposure to sensory stimuli. This individual..
£94.71 Ex Tax: £77.00
Four pairs of cushions weighing 50g, 100g, 150, and 200g. Match the cushions by colour or weight. Us..
£38.07 Ex Tax: £30.95
Great weighted neck wrap with pleasant aroma and attractive design.  Can be heated in the micr..
£42.99 Ex Tax: £34.95