Balance & Movement

Balance & Movement
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Use with the Curved Walking Board or Musical Balance Board (15229 & 18372) to offer more challen..
£9.84 Ex Tax: £8.00
For smaller clients simply use the smaller 35cm x 46cm Scooter Board. For larger clients, unlock th..
£215.25 Ex Tax: £175.00
Light-weight beams offer a fun balance challenge as well as reinforcing knowledge of numbers and sha..
£307.50 Ex Tax: £250.00
Ideal for varied balance exercises. Co-ordination, balance and automatic leg, buttocks and arm react..
£25.83 Ex Tax: £21.00
Wooden, circular balance board with non-slip top. Plywood. It is recommended that socks/shoes be wor..
£22.14 Ex Tax: £18.00
A Basic Roller Board which can be used sitting, lying or kneeling. Made of varnished wood. Suitable ..
£55.35 Ex Tax: £45.00
Set of 4 scooters. Probably the most versatile scooter we’ve seen! Tongue and groove interl..
£104.55 Ex Tax: £85.00
Simple or complex walking challenges can be designed with this wall. The brightly coloured plastic c..
£67.65 Ex Tax: £55.00
Movement, drama and fun are encouraged in this flexible and colourful dance sack. Good for the drama..
£43.05 Ex Tax: £35.00
A tactile hand exercise device offering consistent resistance while returning to its original shape...
£15.99 Ex Tax: £13.00
Useful for balance and co-ordination games, turn-taking and to encourage movement. Buy multiples fo..
£110.70 Ex Tax: £90.00
Wow, wow woppa! Movement and balance on a BIG scale! Large enough for large adults or up to four chi..
£202.95 Ex Tax: £165.00