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Wonderful wooden puzzle to promote shape and colour recognition. Curious shape and engaging design...
£36.90 Ex Tax: £30.00
A set of three boards with colourful, easy fitting shapes. The boards are at three basic levels of d..
£110.70 Ex Tax: £90.00
Correctly insert the shapes and be rewarded with funny sounds! Push button on top for music. Inc..
£34.44 Ex Tax: £28.00
A double challenge - sequence the bears from smallest to largest then stack them inside the puzzle. ..
£11.07 Ex Tax: £9.00
A clever twist on a classic, well proven developmental product. Five different shapes and correspond..
£14.76 Ex Tax: £12.00
Simple but bright inset puzzle with large pegs for easier handling. Match each colour to its shap..
£22.14 Ex Tax: £18.00
Twelve chunky and vibrantly-coloured shapes that make a satisfying thud as they are pushed into the ..
£14.76 Ex Tax: £12.00