Ride -on Toys & Scooters

Ride -on Toys & Scooters
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The wide base of this scooter gives improved stability for the user. Develops the child's balance. A..
£276.75 Ex Tax: £225.00
For smaller clients simply use the smaller 35cm x 46cm Scooter Board. For larger clients, unlock th..
£215.25 Ex Tax: £175.00
A Basic Roller Board which can be used sitting, lying or kneeling. Made of varnished wood. Suitable ..
£55.35 Ex Tax: £45.00
With impact protection, reboundability and easier holding-on thanks to its tyre surround. Can be pul..
£178.35 Ex Tax: £145.00
Compact, handy, extremely easy to turn and nifty! Sit on it or lie with your belly on it. Offers a..
£59.04 Ex Tax: £48.00
Robust wooden scooter with vinyl bumpers in case of accidental knocks and central hole for rope atta..
£36.90 Ex Tax: £30.00