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We offer the best designed products in their markets, made by world leading companies, delivering solutions to families throughout the UK.


A safe, fully enclosed bed system for children, and adults, that may wander an night and don’t have a sense of danger. It relaxes and calms children and encourages sleep/rest for those that don’t sleep well. Once your child is zipped in, they cannot get out without your knowledge. This allows all the family to recharge at night and be fresh for the next day.

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Designed with quality, flair and strength to the fore. All models are CE certified, crash test passed and supplied with extras, as standard. Manufactured with aluminium, rather than plastic, at stress points ensures they last longer, without service calls.

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The Sensory Pod is a futuristic, calming space for Special Needs, Schools, 3rd Level, Libraries and homes. It calms and relaxes those with autism, ADHD, sensory issues as well as sufferers of anxiety and panic attacks.  Providing calming and sensory space for those with limited room and budgets.

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The Safety Sleeper
Ollie was very fortunate to be offered the opportunity for a free pilgrimage holiday to Lourdes as part of the charity HCPT. Ollie is full of character and absolutely loves new experiences and meeting new people, but he is also an accomplished escaped artist and has a tendency to eat non-food items, which can put him at risk of choking.
We had to think carefully about how best to keep Ollie safe during the day, when traveling, and all night long. He has a built in SafeSpace in his bedroom at home. Once asleep he usually stays asleep for a number of hours, but even with night nurses watching him constantly on a monitor, there was always the risk of him waking whilst they were attending to another child on the trip.
A friend of the family owns a Safety Sleeper and Ollie had successfully managed a camping holiday in it before. Unfortunately, they also needed their safe bed the same week and so we were very fortunate to be able to arrange a trial with Murray’s Medical for the week of Ollie’s trip.
The Safety Sleeper arrived in a hard suitcase, wasn’t too heavy, and had clear instructions including a video on how to assemble it. Ollie loved his bed, was relaxed inside, and we were able to leave him safely in it, including running his oxygen inside once he was asleep, and know that we didn’t need to worry about him again until he woke up and requested company. Ollie had a brilliant trip away to Lourdes, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the Safety Sleeper to ensure he could be kept safe all night long.

Ollie's Trip to Lourdes

The Safety Sleeper
So we’re coming to the end of our safety sleeper trial ! And honestly there are no words. Anyone who knows Jesse knows he hasn’t slept since he was in the womb and running on 2/3 hours sleep a night had taken its toll ! As he’s gotten bigger safety was our BIGGEST concern as he was able to climb the banisters and the stair gate so when if he was asleep you couldn’t be !
We entered the competition over on my boy blue when Nicole Duggan told me about it !!! My bestie Catherine Rosneys sister won the prize and kindly offered it to us to try as we were desperate !!
So Robert from Murray medical brought over the safety sleeper and low and behold he was right when he said it was easy to fold up and assemble !!! It was up in twenty minutes and when Jesse saw it his eyes lit up !!! It was a bed tent !! 😂😂
We let him play in it before bed and he absolutely adored it !! Night one and two were tough Jesse would wake panicked so we let him out I didn’t have high hopes !!! Then night three came and he slept from 7:45 till 8!!! I woke terrified afraid something had happened. !!! Then night 4 5 6 and 7 !! All full nights sleep !!!! This has literally changed our lives and we’ve begun the process of getting funding to buy one for Jesse !!! ❤️ can’t thank Robert from Murray medical for actually caring about us and the situation we were in !!!! He’s quickly become a good friend and to anyone who hasn’t slept in 5 years !!!! There’s hope for us all ❤️❤️

Kimberley Walker

Now I want to thank you for standing by to have the item delivered to me. Now I can inform you that the item has arrived and we are super happy. We will now go and deliver to the child who will have it and there will be great joy. Thank you Andy for your help. With best regards

Laila Öztürk

The attention that Hadley has received since we purchased a Veldink for Kids (Kiddo Tilt) is incredible. Everywhere we go, people are in awe of it. They ask questions about it. It turns heads. It educates people that not all wheelchairs are the same and it makes our lives easier. People seem excited by it and they are not scared to ask things that they possibly wouldn’t approach if Hadley was in a pushchair.

Jonathan Abbey


Murrays Medical UK is part of Murrays Medical, the largest supplier of healthcare aids to daily living and mobility products in Ireland. A family business in our fifth decade delivering solutions for independent living. Our goal is to always provide market leading products, unrivalled service and aftercare for our customers.

Our, Bromsgrove, UK office opened in 2014 and from there we specialise in five keys areas of expertise. We promote Aktiv our own range of high quality manual wheelchairs, the Veldink4kids range of bespoke, paediatric, manual wheelchairs, The Safety Sleeper enclosed bed system and The Sensory Pod a sleep system for Children and Adults on the Autism Spectrum.

Northern Ireland enquiries, demonstrations, quotes and trials are handled through our Dublin HQ. We also work directly with NI, NHS professionals and are an approved HSCNI supplier.



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