When we began our wheelchair search for Ted we knew we needed something specific – it needed to give him independence, support his posture and facilitate his reversed sleep pattern. We visited our local NHS wheelchair service full of hope only to be told they didn’t have anything that suited his needs. We were asked to choose between supporting his posture and sleep or his independence. As you can imagine as parents we wanted it all why did we have to choose?

Around the same time we were also arranging for Ted to have a safety sleeper delivered so were already in contact with Andy from Murrays. We first met Andy at the Smith-Magenis Syndrome Foundation UK conference when we trialed one of the safety sleepers.  We clicked with him immediately and he was so helpful with the bed that we asked him if he knew of a chair that might suit Ted and fulfil all of his needs, a few days later he was at our house with the Veldink Kiddo Up – it was perfect!

The NHS wheelchair service had already advised that they could give us a voucher towards a chair for Ted that was funded privately as they didn’t have anything that suited him. Andy and Sarah were really helpful with helping us arrange all the forms that needed to be completed for the NHS and before we knew it we were being asked what colour chair we wanted for Ted! He loves Toy story so we decided to go for a Buzz Lightyear theme with flashing front wheels. That’s the great thing about Veldink you can personalise the frame colour and wheel covers so that it’s a really inviting piece of equipment for the user. We didn’t want Ted to be in a wheelchair and people think “oh look at that boy in a wheelchair” instead they say “wow that chair is so cool we’ve never seen anything like that before!” and other kids love it too! It’s all been fitted to his measurements, he’s got postural support in the seat, and the bit I love the most is its compact and not as heavy as other wheelchairs!

We’ve ventured everywhere with this great piece if equipment, It’s even been up the tallest building in the world! We had no problems taking it on holiday, in fact it got us a lot of attention for all the right reasons! There are lots of accessories that you can get to suit different lifestyles so you really can personalise as much or less as you need to. The team at Murrays are also fab and very helpful, so actually the whole process was very very easy!