Special Families


Our base model is best for the families looking to keep their loved ones safe at night while they sleep. Packed with a ton of features every family needs.



This model has all the bells and whistle of our other model but gives a top entry point for your loved ones that needs life compatibility.



We can customise your Safety Sleeper offering double, end access and video monitoring windows. We will be happy to discuss your needs.


Packed with Safety Features:


A layer of dense foam, cushions the metal frame to protect against injuries from seizures of self-harming behaviours. Frame pads and enclosure zip come on and off for easy removal.


Each model comes with 2 coverlet sheets. They’re secured with a zipper, which is only accessible from outside, to protect against entrapment while also preventing removal by your child.


In the professional model, four metal grommets (1 1/8 inch) provide access points on both sides for feeding tubes, oxygen tubing, pulse-ox sensors, etc.


All beds come ready to go, with a 10-inch air mattress and internal electric pump for travel. This is not designed for long-term use and is better suited to holidays or overnights with families/respite.


Easily open and secure the bed from the outside. Zippers can’t be accessed and unzipped from within.


Stabilising Straps anchor the Safety Sleeper to a traditional bed frame to prevent tipping and moving. Recommended for rambunctious older children and adults.


The Safety Sleeper folds perfectly into one hard-shell, wheeled suitcase. Except for the custom double, all models and sizes weigh less than 19 KG and are classed as free for air travel.


We can offer the optional extra to install a viewing window in vinyl or mesh for video monitoring if required.

Safety Sleeper Videos:

The Safety Sleeper
“The SS is amazing!! I wish I knew about it sooner!
Rio feels very safe and he has been taking himself in there.
We have put his mattress in there and it fit!”

Mrs. Yasmin Parker, UK

The Safety Sleeper
“So we’re coming to the end of our safety sleeper trial ! And honestly there are no words. Anyone who knows Jesse knows he hasn’t slept since he was in the womb and running on 2/3 hours sleep a night had taken its toll ! As he’s gotten bigger safety was our BIGGEST concern as he was able to climb the banisters and the stair gate so when if he was asleep you couldn’t be !
We entered the competition over on my boy blue when Nicole Duggan told me about it !!! My bestie Catherine Rosneys sister won the prize and kindly offered it to us to try as we were desperate !!
So Robert from Murray medical brought over the safety sleeper and low and behold he was right when he said it was easy to fold up and assemble !!! It was up in twenty minutes and when Jesse saw it his eyes lit up !!! It was a bed tent !!
We let him play in it before bed and he absolutely adored it !! Night one and two were tough Jesse would wake panicked so we let him out I didn’t have high hopes !!! Then night three came and he slept from 7:45 till 8!!! I woke terrified afraid something had happened. !!! Then night 4 5 6 and 7 !! All full nights sleep !!!! This has literally changed our lives and we’ve begun the process of getting funding to buy one for Jesse !!! can’t thank Robert from Murray medical for actually caring about us and the situation we were in !!!! He’s quickly become a good friend and to anyone who hasn’t slept in 5 years !!!! There’s hope for us all”

Kimberley Walker, UK

“As we near the end of our trial with The Safety Sleeper from Murray’s Medical it’s time to tell you all how it went.
I went into this with an open mind but sceptical as Andy has huge safety issues around bedtime. He takes hours to settle and wakes regularly. Andy is usually very hyper at bedtime so when Rob from Murray’s Medical said the bed can be very calming I chuckled and said “you don’t know Andy”
Day 1. We set it up in his bedroom at home attached to a large mattress. It was easy to assemble and my husband could do it alone. Bedtime came and Andy jumped in!! Lay down and loved it. We zipped him in and waited, and waited….. nothing, he was asleep!!!!! I stayed awake all night listening. He NEVER woke during the night!! Miracle, or was it a fluke?
Day2. Andy jumped in at bedtime, surely this would be the night it all went wrong? No, he slept soundly.
Day 3. Maybe this is not a fluke?! Andy jumped in at bedtime and settled down nicely. He chatted away to himself in his own little language and drifted off to sleep. Even when he did wake during the night he happily lay in the bed until drifting off again.
Day 4. We headed off on holiday to a house in Wexford. My husband easily took it apart and reassembled it in our holiday home. Again Andy settled each night and slept though the night.
The bed is easy to put together. The travel blow up mattress held well, only needing to be pumped up a little after day 6. For anyone interested in trialing or seeing a demonstration of the bed please get in touch with the guys at Murray’s Medical. I’d highly recommend it!!! You won’t regret it!
Signed: Olga (Andys Mom)”

Olga, UK

“When we won the draw through Angelman UK to try the Safety Sleeper bed from Murrays we were so excited to learn more and trial Ruby in a safe bed. Prior to this loan we hadn’t wanted to purchase a bed as we didn’t know which one would be appropriate for Ruby and whether she would actually sleep comfortably and be happy in it. Due to the cost we knew it shouldn’t be a quick decision but didn’t know where to start. When Andy (from Murrays) delivered the bed we could tell straight away Ruby liked it. She jumped in and lay down kicking her legs and smiling. During the trial Ruby has slept exceedingly well and it’s cozy and safe for her. In addition, knowing she’s happy and safe means that we can sleep better as a family: which is essential with a 2yr and 4 month old!! We would recommend the bed to anyone. Felicity”

Ruby, UK

“Our youngest Adam is trialling the bed 1st. Went into bed at 8.50 and is snoring his brains out. Unfortunately when he seen the suitcase the bed came in he was convinced we where heading to Tenerife for a surprise holiday. (If only) Bed was easy enough to assemble and no relationship was harmed in the making of a flat pack. 🤣🤣 For more information on The Safety Sleeper get in touch.”

Adam, UK

The Safety Sleeper provides a totally secure, safe and comfortable sleep solution for children and adults at risk to themselves or others. Prevents wandering, falling out of bed, injury during seizures and is entrapment proof. Sleep well in the knowledge your loved one is safe, comfy and secure in their Safety Sleeper. The unique value this product brings to the family is the ability to use it at home and also be able to take this environment with them when they need to travel.

New Features, Improved Safety & Extra Space:

  • Extra 3 inches of headroom
  • Door width increase by 2.5 inches
  • Increased strength of frame joints by 27%
  • Fully encased frame pads making assembly even easier
  • Extended mesh on enclosure to improve visibility
  • Improved lock clips
  • *Access ports relocated to improve use with feeding tubes and other monitoring devices
  • Adjusted pocket size (8-10 inches) allowing for easier mattress sourcing and insertion
  • Added security system to mattress pocket zippers


  • Fully portable and easy to transport
  • Versatile for daily use and for travel
  • Includes hard shell wheeled suitcase and air mattress
  • Provides familiarity to loved one during travel
  • Our beds are easy to transport, weighs less than 19kg
  • Perfect for daily use, respite care, vacations, travel, hospital stays


  • Spacious enough for an adult
  • Fits perfectly in any size room
  • Sets up in 5 minutes
  • Easy to assemble with no tools needed
  • Machine washable
  • Waterproof padding available for attachable sheets (Coverlet)
  • Coverlet (sheet) is removable for easy laundering


  • CE Listed
  • Pressure tested for up to 300lbs.
  • Built from durable fire-retardant materials
  • Designed to hold up against high activity levels and such behaviors as head banging, seizures, and the like.
  • Eliminates entrapment


  • Different models for you to choose from
  • Fully customised options to fit specific needs
  • 3 fabric colours to choose from
  • Twin, Full and Queen sizes available
  • Can be customised to accommodate a video monitor or fit a bunk bed or captain’s bed
  • Contact our customer care team for more information and pricing

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The Safety Sleeper® is a safe, fully enclosed bed system for children and adults with special needs for daily and travel use.

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