Seat width from 16cm to 32cm
Lightweight wheelchair from7kg
Growth adjustable in 3 directions
Compact design for highest stability


Seat width from 16cm to 32cm
Lightweight wheelchair from 10kg
Growth adjustable in 3 directions
Compact design for highest stability


Seat width from 22cm to 44cm
Easy transportation divisible
Grows with the child
Light moving and manoeuvrable!


Tilt Chair
Grows with the child
Detailed settings for optimal positioning
Wide range of extra options


Tilt function -5 to 45 degrees
Drum brakes easy to operate
Rigid aluminium frame 3 sizes
Robust push handle adjustable


Just clamp the Mud Cruiser (without tools) in a few seconds on the front wheels of your wheelchair and off you go! Colour: Black Only

We have had Alfies new wheelchair for less than a year and the difference it has made already is unbelievable! Alfie now has independence whilst out and about and in school, thanks to the light weight and easy self propel. He can play with the children in the yard. He can now chase his brother at the park and join him on adventures thanks to the mud cruiser wheel. Alfies confidence has come on no end! Alfie even manages to fall asleep in the chair due to its being so comfortable and providing him with the right support! We get so many comments from adults, children and professionals! The chair is a big hit with everyone – especially Alfie! The kiddo up is by far the best investment we have ever made! Thank you all and murray’s medical, you have been incredible since first contact x

Hayley Louise

Innovative Design

We are well known for the design and manufacture of sophisticated wheelchairs to support an active lifestyle. With their maneuverability and many individual adaptations our wheelchairs increase the activity levels of children. Innovative solutions for more freedom and independence!


Your most personal wheelchair yet! We only start working on your ‘custom made’ wheelchair after first assessing your needs regarding size and requirements. Express yourself, choose your favorite frame color(s) and personalised design! Designed for you, that’s what we are all about!

Fast Delivery Times

Customisation and individual design do not have to go at the expense of a fast delivery, we prove it again every week! We start from scratch and build from there, our most personal wheelchair we’ve ever made, because it’s the first one especially designed for you. We have a standard production time of 5 weeks after ordering.

No Limits

Whether it’s about individuality, functionality or adaptation options! ‘No Limits’ as long as we work together with one common goal. ‘In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can’.



is a company that specialises in designing and manufacturing modern contemporary wheelchairs for children.

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